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Kamau Karanja
September 22
Very reliable way to communicate with…
Very reliable way to communicate with both friends and family.
tom samuel
September 16
The Vey Best.
Fast, Truthful n a Rollercoaster. A Brill ride.....
September 16
No complaints
No complaints
September 13
Rates are a bit higher that average…
Rates are a bit higher that average providers.
Leonard Ngethe
September 9
Excellent ..
Excellent ... it’s like in and out and you are on your way
September 8
Never again do i strain to call my…
Never again do i strain to call my people in kenya, am just like home through this wonderful service!
David Gathecha
September 8
Exceptional Quality
Exceptional Quality
Olive Uwineza
September 2
I like to use
That's my website because helps me to talk with my family in different countries
E. Hamilton
August 27
Reliable, simple, and fair
I need to topup bundles for colleagues overseas with some frequency. TelephoneKenya is the most straightforward, fairly priced, reliable, proven over time service. Second to none, and I have tried them all.
margaret nzioka
August 25
Phone is very clear
Phone is very clear, thank you for good service
Thomas Owende
August 18
The best for me.
The best for me.
James Raymond
August 17
I am really glad that I found…
I am really glad that I found TelephoneKenya online years ago because I have many loved ones and friends in Kenya to call, and I can buy credit for their phones on Safaricom or Airtel which saves them money. Same for my loved ones and friends in Uganda too. The rates are good and I have never had any problems with TelephoneKenya. is the way to connect with family and friends at very reasonable cost.
Faiz Hasham
August 14
Clear TelKen
Clear Easy to use Allows for mobile recharging from anywhere
Phoebe Flowers
August 8
Even though my cell phone carrier comes…
Even though my cell phone carrier comes with very commpetitive priced international direct calls; their service can be (and most times is) very frustrating. But since I started using TelephoneKenya; every second/minute of my calls has been worth it! The calls almost never drop and they are as clear as if someone is just in the next room. Thank you for such great service; and I hope you continue the great perfomance!
Emily Mwaniki
August 4
Good reception
Good reception
August 1
Great service!
Awesome service!
Wilson Cheum
July 27
Great service
Great service
JaCate Wanja Sirere
July 27
I love it
I love it! Great prices, fast communication and if one has an issue, it is addressed very fast. Since everything is done online, it is very convenient. Calls are always very clear, unless ofcourse, there's an internet issue on either end. And let's not forget the incentive you get for introducing someone to TelephoneKenya.. Keep up the great work Team!! :)
Immaculate Okeyo
July 26
Very clear but expensive to call
Very clear but expensive to call
Julie Mwangi
July 26
Great service
I love The calls do not drop, but I wish the cost per minute was lower.