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Santana Dias
June 23
The service is excellent and user …
The service is excellent and user friendly.However the cost is a bit high, which needs to be looked into and consider a reduction.
June 22
Excellent service
Excellent service, quick easy and completed in minutes.
Rita Peddle
June 20
No problems
No problems. Good connections usually. Love automatic refill for buying credit.
Maurice Kigada
June 19
I wish you had a way of bypassing the …
I wish you had a way of bypassing the pin requirement every time i make a call. Its a long number and memorizing it is hard. I have to constantly check my email or log into your system to retrieve the pin (whenever I lose it) If it was shorter I would memorize it
esther cheruiyot
June 15
My experience with …
My experience with has been great, very efficient,good customer service and i have been getting points.The problem is how to refer clients, My suggestion is to give the customer service number or whichever number that can reach you and you help them enroll, because i might be somewhere where there is no computer and l have to help this person enroll.
Judith Muhando
June 15
I have been using telephone Kenya for …
I have been using telephone Kenya for many years and I am totally satisfied with the service.
June 12
Very reliable, calls go through and site user friendly!
I have used Telephone Kenya for a long time now, and tried other ones but wasn't satisfied so come back to TelephoneKenya. Calls are clear and go through for me and people I have recommended it to. I have not had any issues with calling home so far. I really like the options on the website like pin less, speed dial which allows me to not have to enter numbers each time, very helpful once you go over the initial setup. It could be a little cheaper rate wise but other than that I would definitely recommend it to someone.
fahima yunis
June 12
Always great experience
Always great experience. Great connection and the rates are pretty reasonable and I always recommend telephone kenya to friends and family.
JaCate Wanja Sirere
June 11
I have used Telephone Kenya since 2013
I have used Telephone Kenya since a friend introduced me to the site in 2013 and l have no regrets. The rates are great, the connectivity is very good and very clear. Any time l have had an issue, it has been sorted out fast and very efficiently. It a site that l would highly recommend to any one any time!
Marsha Branco
June 6
No problems getting through and very …AOK
No problems getting through and very easy to use!
James Raymond
May 29
My kids in Africa are always greatful …
My kids in Africa are always greatful for the airtime I add to their mobile phones. It's a cheap way for me to call Africa too.
May 29
Efficient and convenient for mobile recharge!
I only use this for quick mobile recharge service.
Anne O.
May 26
Great Service!
Excellent service, crystal clear connection evrytime, fast, reliable communication. Features are easy to use, easy to apply on the run like the pinless dialing and the auto topup, the top up another phone feature-it's quick and painless. You can manage your account ii one place-see your call logs/history and statements and also have more than one number connected to your PIN and monitor those numbers too. My son number is on my pin and this enables him to talk to his grandparents and have a relationship with them independent from me. I feel terrible about taking away one star, it really is a half star for when I lose some dollars and cents without explanation; they didn't go into the call, they were not listed as fees or levies -I had them, then the internet telephony monster ate them. Excellent service! I cannot remember a time before telephone Kenya
Amirali Jaffer
May 25
Can't be any better than that.
Very easey to use,and very clear .
May 19
Amazing! Amazing! Amazin service, I will always use you guys roping up for family back home is so easy! If you guys could get an app it would be a little easier but ehh nothing serious!!
Philemon Ogada
May 16
Very convinient and excellent cuatomer …
Very convinient and excellent cuatomer service. Rates must have changed...
Celine Uwamahoro
May 15
Very impressed with your service
Very impressed with your service
May 10
Connects easily,clarity.I highly …
Connects easily,clarity.I highly recommend the use of Telephone Kenya to those who have not yet experienced it. You will definitely like the unique experience.
eustace bett
May 8
Just the prize otherwise connection is …
Just the prize otherwise connection is perfect and no disconnections.
May 2
Never failed me
Never failed me